Trina Candaza, Carlo Aquino’s ex, looks back 2022 by an ambigous post about braving through relationship failure

Despite losing someone who was “extremely eager” to remove her from his life, Trina Candaza, the former girlfriend of actor Carlo Aquino, acknowledged that she was nonetheless lucky as she looked back on her path in 2022.

On January 1, Candaza shared a list of her accomplishments from the previous year on her Instagram page, claiming that they somehow offset her losses.

Trina Candaza

Trina Candaza and her daughter Mithi. Image: Instagram/@niceprintohoto via @trinacandaza

Trina Candaza, former partner of actor Carlo Aquino, reflected on her 2022 journey and noted how she was still blessed despite losing someone who was “very excited” to exclude her in his life.

Candaza listed down her achievements in the previous year which she believes somehow make up for her losses, through her Instagram page on Sunday, Jan. 1.


“Before leaving 2022, I want to look back and be reminded of all the things that happened to me, to us rather,” she said, referring to herself and Mithi, her daughter with Aquino. “So I will be reminded of how I braved through it all.”

“We lost someone whom I thought will be the man who will always keep us safe, someone who will protect us. But little did I know he will be the one who is very excited to remove us from his life,” she added. “Pero sa tuwing may nawawala, may pumapalit.”

In 2022, Candaza gained four product endorsements, bought herself a bag and her first car, opened three small businesses, and learned how to free dive, scuba dive as well as ride a big bike.

“Thank you to all the people who have helped me and Mithi, you know who you are, we love you and we are very grateful for all the help and love,” she concluded. “2022, you are the year that built me.”

While Candaza did not name the man she lost, it can be noted that she and Aquino broke up last year after being in a relationship for three years. The former couple welcomed Mithi in 2020.

Candaza and Aquino are co-parenting their daughter and were seen together during Mithi’s 2nd birthday celebration last September.

Meanwhile, Aquino and his “Love on a Budget” co-star Charlie Dizon earlier sparked dating speculations after they went on a “holiday dinner” where they were pictured together sitting very close to each other, with their hands on the other’s lap.