Rocco Nacino points out the benefits of ‘skin-to-skin’ for fathers and children: ‘Gives you more confidence as a father…’

Rocco Nacino, a Kapuso actor, CONSTANTLY gives some useful recommendations and practical guidance for first-time fathers like himself.

The celebrity father recently made a new discovery after sharing part of what he learnt about how to properly care for his infant from waking up to sleeping.

This is due to dads carrying and holding their newborns nude or undressed.

In a short video posted by Rocco on his Instagram account, he can be seen holding his and Melissa Gohing’s first child, Baby EZ.

In the caption, he singled out the benefits of what he called “skin to skin contact” for fathers and babies. According to Rocco, some of its effects are as follows:

“Creates a bond with your baby.

“Helps you feel more confident as a father.

“Provides a feeling of protectiveness toward your baby.

“Helps regulate baby’s temperature and heartbeat.

“Calms, soothes, and reduces stress.”

Hirit pang tanong ng Kapuso star, “Dads, how do you bond with your newborns? Please do share as I myself am still learning on how to be a Daddy.”

Before this, Rocco also shared an appreciation post for hardworking mommies like his wife Melissa.

Aniya sa caption ng ipinost niyang litrato ng kanyang mag-ina, “Many times you doubt yourself as a mother, but you just don’t notice that you are doing everything right and without my guidance. You feel lousy and ugly but these pictures show otherwise.

“Everyday you are blooming with happiness and contentment, even when without sleep.

“I’ll be there to support and guide you when you’re allowed to exercise to get back to your pre pregnancy shape.

“I want to let you know that I am always proud of you @gohingmelissa and you are always doing the greatest job at being a mom, and looking beautiful at the same time!

“To all mommies out there, us men salute you for all the sacrifices you make for your children!” message from Rocco Nacino who is currently being watched in the GMA series “Maria Clara at Ibarra” as Elias.