Oh, LJ Reyes Seems Not To Have Any Plans Of Coming Back The Philippines Anytime Soon

Recently, Paolo Contis posted on Instagram to express his “longing” for his daughter Summer, 4, whom he shares with his ex-partner LJ Reyes. ICYDK, Summer moved to New York City immediately after her parents’ widely publicized divorce, together with her mother and brother Aki.

Despite remaining quiet for the previous year, except from the *occasional* flirtations with his now-rumored girlfriend Yen Santos, the actor wrote a poignant birthday message for his daughter. “My dear Ganda, happy birthday! He wrote, “I miss you every day!

Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but wonder when the father-daughter tandem would be reunited. But judging by LJ’s IG updates, it seems like the actress plans to stay in New York for now and isn’t planning on coming back to the Philippines anytime soon, seeing how she even enrolled the kids in an NYC school.

In a recent post, she shared an adorable snippet of their fun day out in a waterpark—her treat to the kids before they return to school! “Glad to have been blessed to enjoy a water park before they head back to school.

“I have been so busy and [spending] time like this with the kids is a treasure to me! Kahit na may blocking kami! Summer and mommy time muna, then Aki and mommy! Syempre meron din altogether. But they have a big gap that they have different interests in activities, and I want to enjoy with them the way they like it!”

In a separate interview, LJ spoke more about her dedication to being a good mom to Aki and Summer. “I always pray about our life, the decisions that I have to make for clarity, for purpose, for His grace, and for His mercy, and then, of course, I would consider what would be beneficial to them.

“All your decisions cannot be based on your needs and wants alone. Your kids will always be your priority. So parang laging package deal, but they always come on top. I want them to feel like no matter what is happening around the world, around us, that I will be the constant foundation that they have, constant support, constant love that they have,” she said.

Aww, there’s truly nothing quite like a mother’s love, and LJ is a testament to this.