McCoy-Elisse, 2 showbiz couples calling themselves ‘Mahal’ have broken up

Do you BELIEVE that the gods’ endearing term “Darling” brings ill luck in relationships?

Surely, this is an issue of public opinion after an article on social media about three celebrity couples who used to call each other “Mahal” split up.

As soon as the new year arrived, the Marvs took to social media to discuss the divorce that had enraged the entertainment industry.

Yesterday, Kapamilya actor McCoy de Leon himself admitted that he and his live-in partner, Elisse Joson, have broken up while apologizing to his daughter as well as the public.

But the actor made it clear that there was no third party in his break-up with Elisse, “There is no other person involved in the main reason why we broke up. I hope you believe.

“It is not my intention to hurt people or cheat. It just came to the point that the problem was so heavy that I gave up,” he said.


There is a social media personality who sympathizes with the separation of McCoy and Elisse, Mary Joy Santiago who has also reacted to the said issue.

“Instead of making assumptions about me and what I do how about you just ask.

“So quick to believe things about a person without even knowing them or even simply having a conversation with them.

“You guys are on some childish type of sh*t and I’m not here for it,” Mary Joy’s post on socmed but has now been deleted.

And because of this, there was a post on socmed saying that almost all celebrity couples who call themselves “Mahal” have broken their relationship.

Based on the post we saw, apart from McCoy and Elisse, the other two couples who have “Mahal” as the term of endearment are Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla and Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes.

Some Facebook users even released evidence about this along with the spread of memes. Here are some of the entertaining comments from netizens.

“That’s why I won’t love anymore. Hahahaha! Even onions are expensive!”

“There’s no way to call that if the man is really a cheater!”

“Oh, beware of those who say ‘Dear’, love is different hahaha.”

“It’s a good thing my wife and I call her Love! Hahahaha!”

“Please just ban the word ‘Dear’ if you can’t stand it.”

“Only onions are expensive now haha.”

“It’s a good thing we call him ‘Hey’ hahahaha.”

“I’m not going to LOVE haha.”