Many netizens went crazy with the YouTube vlog of actress Michelle Madrigal and her Tagalog-speaking American boyfriend

Many online users are ecstatic about actress Michelle Madrigal’s most recent YouTube vlog.

After flagging the phony footage of her and her American boyfriend Kyle, she did that.

Michelle sampled some cuisine from a well-known Filipino fast food establishment in the aforementioned YouTube video.

And while they were posing, the actress had guessed Tagalog words.

At the beginning of the video, Kyle seems to show off and knows very well the words “thank you,” “I love you,” “destiny,” “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “good night” and many others.

It seems that even Michelle was surprised that Kyle already knew a lot and she said, “My godmother studied.”

The actress said, “I didn’t tell him about this huh. He just knows. You know why? One thing about Kyle because when he was doing his training, he actually learned to speak Tagalog…’cause he knew that we’re gonna come to the Philippines and he wanna kind of prepare himself and kind of know how to talk to us which is nice.”

Many Pinoy netizens were impressed by Kyle and here are some of what we read in the comment section.

“Kyle is so good in speaking Tagalog. I hope he is your forever Michelle he is so genuine and seem to be a nice guy! I wish you well together. I can see the spark between both of you. He is the one (red heart emoji)”

“Mich you look so happy, energized, alive and inspired. hoping you will be like these for a longgggg time!”

“Mitch’s bf is from Tagalog. #Bravo (clapping hands emojis)”

Just last month, the actress proudly shared her love story with a non-showbiz American boyfriend.

Michelle admitted that she met and talked to Kyle on a dating app called “Hinge”.

“We met through Hinge, so it’s a dating app. Obviously, I don’t go out much being a single mom. And he swiped and so did I, and then we started chatting,” he said.

Looking back, the actress met her ex-husband, Troy Woolfolk, on a dating app called Tinder, and their love resulted in a cute baby girl.