KathNiel, DonBelle kept having good blessing in 2023; Master Hanz shows Vice and Coco how to refuse ‘bad luck’

Will Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, the on-screen and real-life pair, continue to be fortunate in 2023?

Will Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s incredible loveteam status on ABS-CBN last through the Year of the Water Rabbit?

Master Hanz Cua, a feng shui expert, responded to that when he appeared as a guest on “Magandang Buhay” this past Monday.

He shared his fearless forecast with some Kapamilya stars for the New Year and first of all was the award-winning actress Kathryn who was born in the Year of the Fire Rat.

Master Hanz said, there are many more businesses that Kathryn will enter and it is also possible that the actress will have another house, cars and a series of projects this year.

As for Daniel, who was born in the Year of the Wood Pig, the feng shui expert read that there are people who will give the young man a great job this 2023.

“The better opportunities we call Rat. Rat is better if he is aggressive.

“Pig this year is better because he listens and waits. When there is an opportunity, he will grab it so that the two of them can be a better tandem,” Hanz said about KathNiel.

He also predicted the fate of Vice Ganda who was born in the Year of the Fire Dragon. He said, the TV host-comedian’s luck will continue.

But Hanz has a warning for all those under the Fire Dragon sign — don’t let the head unit touch anything to avoid trouble.

As for Donny and Belle, luck will continue to come to the love team this year. According to Master Hanz, the combination of Tiger and Horse is good.

The feng shui expert advised Coco Martin, who was born in the Year of the Rooster, which is the opposite of the Year of the Rabbit, to put more effort into sharing blessings with other people. But he said, the actor’s continued success is already on the “chart”.

Master Hanz also predicted the three hosts of “Magandang Buhay”. For Regine Velasquez, who was born in the Year of the Metal Dog, 2023 is still a new year in her career and personal life.

Luck still continues for those born under the Year of the Earth Horse like Jolina Magdangal because the money star is in her hand.

And as for Melai Cantiveros who was born in the Year of the Dragon, he is said to be lucky in 2023 in business related to food as well as vlogging.